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Free Desktop Wallpapers - Here you will find collection of free desktop wallpapers in many different categories. These free desktop wallpapers are collected from different websites, newsgroups and other places with permissions. You can download these desktop wallpapers for free for customizing your personal computer or desktop. You are not allowed to put these free desktop wallpapers on your websites for others to download. Most of these desktop wallpapers are in 1024x768 resolution, but some of them may be in 800x600 resolution.

Please do not link to the free desktop wallpapers images/pictures directly. You can link to Free Desktop Wallpapers's main page or any of the category pages. We recommend that you explore the below given list of computer desktop categories and download for free. Do check out our collection of diverse dragon images, which will give you vast options to make your desktop personalized to your liking. For our visitors with a liking for artistic and inuyasha wallpapers, they may click here and satisfy their quest. Following is the list of computer wallpapers categories: